Electronics Repair Ipswich has over 15 years combined experience in repairing Samsung and other phone makes.  Any repair can be  undertaken from a simple screen or battery repair down to data recovery.

We repair all model of Phones using the highest quality of parts, and you have the piece of mind of our 12 month warranty against failure.

The majority of repairs can be completed same day often within the hour* by one of our skilled technicians, 99% of repairs are conducted on site at our Ipswich Workshop or if required we can visit you at your home or place of business. 

Due to the numerous models from the Samsung Phone range we can not list every device, if your device is not listed please call for a quotation. 

We can also assist you in Data recovery from a water or liquid damaged phone so not all is lost when your phone takes a plunge. 

Call our Ipswich Workshop today….

*Simple part replacement, screen, battery etc