iPhone iPad Logic Board Repair

Whether your fault is caused by liquid, failure due to hardware issues or an unrelated repair that just went wrong,  Electronics Repair Ipswich can help…

Logic Boards in iPhone’s, iPad’s, Macbook’s, and iMac’s are ever increasingly becoming more and more complex and hard to repair, however we at Electronics Repair Ipswich have evolved with the advancement and progression of their virtually incomprehensible design.   Using sophisticated equipment  and our experience with micro-soldering  we are confident with any iPhone Logic Board repair from connectors down to a single component replacement all at our Ipswich Repair Workshop. Call Our repair shop today.

Connector ReplacementFrom £35From £65
Filter /Coil or Diode ReplacementFrom £45From £65
IC ReplacementFrom £65From £125
Water Damage - Data Recovery Only£35 for Clean Up + additional work if needed£65 for Clean Up + additional work if needed
Trace Repairs and Circuit RebuildFrom £45From £125
Graphics Chip Replacement or BGA WorkN/AFrom £225