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DO’s & DONT’s

If you are ever unfortunate enough to have a phone that has been soaked by a drink or taken a swim in a toilet, your first instinct is to turn it on, or charge it,  DONT.   As much as you want your phone to power up this is one of the worst things to do, any water inside may start shorting out the components inside and could make the phone irreparable .  The  2nd idea that comes to mind is to stick in the airing cupboard or on a radiator, DONT, as crazy as this sounds drying is a bad idea also.   DO  disconnect the battery (if possible), and bring straight to us.  Some repair shops advise on putting the phone in rice, where the principle is there this does not actually help in any way and just normally clogs the charging and headphone socket up and potentially costing more to fix.

On occasions people ignore the above steps and their phone turns on, basically the water has not touched anything that sensitive on the main circuit board.  Typically what  happens is  the phone works for days/weeks sometimes months even after wards but then strange things start to happen, screen flickers, randomly restarts or lose sound etc.  What is happening after the phone has dried, residue left from the liquid is corroding the components, eaten away the solder joints and basically killing the phone a circuit at a time. 


 If brought in still wet there is a high chance we can professionally clean the circuit board before corrosion starts. Normally we only conduct a repair on liquid damage device to recover data; however we will assess the device and see if the device is worth salvaging and go from there.  Please bring in ASAP as the longer this is left the worse it will become…  Please drop by or send your damage device to our Ipswich Repair Center.  Call today for more advice….


Liquid damaged devices that have have been left un-treated as it “still works”  can actually end up looking like this.  When they get to this stage the repair  bill can increase very quickly.  Getting your wet device to us whilst still wet is so important as it minimises the amount of corrosion, and you will have a better chance of saving precious  data such as irreplaceable photos.